Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Free as a bird. Add as many domains as you want. Those with more specific needs, who need more advanced features and specialized promotion, will benefit from our humbly priced upgrade option.

We include all of the person's contact details in the notification email, as well as in the "Offers" dashboard. You are welcome to negotiate the price and terms with the buyer on your own.

But, please note: For the safety and security of the buyer and seller, we recommend using a reputable Domain Escrow Agent to complete your transaction.

Your domain registrar will have instructions on how to add a DNS A-record .


Domain Configuration A-record set to
Or use a domain with subdomain. A-record set to

Once you have your DNS record set, add that domain to the domain field when adding a new domain.

Please note: It could take several hours for your DNS record to propagate.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We'd love to help.